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About our containers


Our 20' containers are 20' long by 8' wide with an internal height of 8' providing you with a floor area of 160 square feet and a cubic capacity of 1280 cubic feet. This is ample enough space to store:

  • The contents of an average 3 bedroom home
  • A Car (some containers only)
  • A small boat


All our containers are protected by a unique container lock, for which you hold the only key. The site also has CCTV.


Our new build steel containers are wind and watertight.


The container doors open fully on the 8' elevation and you can drive your vehicle right up to the door to load and unload your goods.

Our Containers

Elgin Container Storage was founded in September 2012.

The site was partially flooded on the 11th August 2014 after extreme weather caused by the tail end of Hurricane Bertha.

Work was started by us on the 14th August 2014 to raise the floor level of the containers by raising the ground level of the yard and also building "gabion walls" for many of the containers to sit on and is now complete. Each container raised on walls have steps for access but some are available on raised ground only for car/trailer storage. The entire Elgin flood alleviation scheme was completed in 2015.

Elgin Container Storage are NOT responsible for insurance of the contents of your container, please read section 15.1 of your terms and conditions before signing.

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